Moneys Creek Lagoon Survey
Moneys Creek Lagoon Survey

How long have you lived in the Bargara area?*

Do you believe Moneys Creek Lagoon, west of the causeway, is an environmental issue?*

Should the Moneys Creek Lagoon, west of the causeway, be rehabilitated and become a community asset (in a form as proposed by the Golf Club)?*

Do you believe the causeway, which the council built in 1969, has created a sediment trap?*

Did you know approximately $250,000 has been spent on studies to identify possible solutions?*

Have you seen any improvement to Moneys Creek Lagoon through these studies?*

Did you know that Club Bargara (Golf Club) owns the Moneys Creek Lagoon waterways west of the causeway and pay considerable rates for that whole area?*

The Golf Club is exploring options for the rehabilitation of the northern arm of Moneys Creek Lagoon. What would you like to see?*

Who should play the lead role to achieve a positive outcome for Moneys Creek Lagoon west of the Causeway?*

Where do you think finances for the rehabilitation of Moneys Creek Lagoon west of the Causeway should come from?*